August 27, 2017

Coleman's Birth Story

The short(ish) version: (More detailed one below if you want to skip down there instead)

My water broke at 3:45pm on Trent's birthday. My mom had babies really fast, and so did her mom, so my whole pregnancy I was nervous I would have him really fast, and just hoped we would be able to get to the hospital in time, and hoped I wouldn't have to do it without an epidural! So we thought for sure we were having our baby on Trent's birthday! I was dilated to a 3 but wasn't feeling the contractions, so they tried to get me to go into active labor by walking through the halls, for like 6 hours, which didn't help. At 3:30am, they started me on pitocin to help the process along, and had to keep upping the dose more and more all day until she said she couldn't up it anymore at about 3:30pm, but luckily the painful contractions started coming! It had already been 24 hours since my water broke! 
Trent's "Visitor" tag with his birthday stamped on it
I only had probably 7-8 of the bad contractions, and then the doctor was like okay do you want your epidural now? I was so shocked that I could already have it, that I only had to be in pain for that short amount of time. But they really are all they're cracked up to be, they hurt!! So I said yes please!! Haha. The anesthesiologist was right in and did an amazing job. (And PS, for anyone reading this that hasn't had a baby, the epidural is NOT a big deal, like at all. It was the tiniest pinch and the rest you can't feel. Seriously way easier than everyone makes it out to be, in my opinion.) 
At this point I was at a 6, so they let me just relax while I dilated the rest of the way. It was Trent and I, and Trent's mom had gotten there that morning. We called her when my water broke and she bought a ticket on the next flight, but it didn't get in till 9:30am the next morning. I thought for sure she wasn't gonna make it for the birth, but sure enough, she had plenty of time to spare! Haha. It was fun to have her there with us and it was so cute to see her so excited. So we hung out for about an hour, and then I started feeling it in my lower back SO much. I pushed my magic button a couple times, but it wasn't really helping. So I asked my nurse and she said she better check me. She looked up and said you're complete! You're at a 10! Whoa. So Trent's mom left the room and we started pushing. 
She was so excited!
I pushed for 30 min, then she had me turn a different way and push another 30 minutes, then a different way and another 30 minutes, then back to my back and another 30 minutes. I had already pushed for two hours and felt like we were still at square one! Then the best part of the day so far: the nurses switched and in came my angel of the year. It was about 7:30pm and I hadn't eaten since 1pm the day before because they don't let you eat anything when you're in labor, (other than clear things, so I had a couple little things of jello and popsicles). 

I had only slept a couple hours on and off the night before, and had just pushed for two hours (which is seriously a total body workout, holy cow), so I was totally spent. I asked the nurse, Lana, what my options are, and she said they'll let me push for 4 hours and then we would talk about other options (c-section). I broke down and cried thinking about pushing for two more hours, and told her and trent "I. Am. SO. Tired!!" What little energy I had to begin with was gone. The only thing I could think of was to ask Trent for a blessing. I knew that was the only way I was gonna be able to do this. Trent asked Lana if me and him could say a prayer together, and she said of course! So he asked if she wanted to leave the room or stay, and she wanted to stay. So trent stood on one side of the bed and put his hands on my head and she stood on the other side of the bed and held my hand. She was seriously the sweetest. After that blessing I felt a completely renewed motivation and strength to keep pushing. She asked if I was ready to keep trying and I said yes. 
I ended up pushing another two hours, but it was so much better than the first two. Lana and Trent were SO so great. After another two hours, she said she was going to get the doctor to talk about options. The doctor came in and said he is so close, and asked if we wanted to use the vacuum to try to help. It's basically a plunger haha that they suction to his head and help pull him out, there are no bad side effects to using it other than he will have a dark spot on his head for a few days. So of course I was game for anything to get this baby out. Then things got kind of intense, the NICU team came in just in case he needed them, they got all set up and turned on the bright lights and it was show time! With one contraction & just a couple pushes, he was out! 

The many emotions at that moment are hard to put into words, but total relief swept over me from him FINALLY being out, total shock from him being so huge, and his giant cone head haha, total amazement that that all just happened and there was a real life baby at the end of all that, my baby, and of course total love for this little guy. We all thought he was going to be a smaller baby, including the nurse and the doctor, but when he came out, everyone in the room (and Trent the most!) was shocked- he was so big!!!! He ended up weighing 8 lbs 11 oz and was 20.5" long. 
I can't say enough good things about the nurse we had, I truly believe she saved me from having to have a c-section by helping me go another two hours, her encouragement, and helping to stretch me out. Man, she saw it ALL from me and dealt with it like a champ. She was my angel sent from heaven. And Trent couldn't have done better or been any more helpful & supportive. Words just don't do it justice how much I love him, so I won't even try. He's just the best and every day I think about how lucky I am to have him. I told my friend the other day that he's a better mom than I am, and I really mean it. I've learned so much just watching him be a dad, it still just melts my heart every time I see him taking care of Coleman. We sure love him & have enjoyed the many sweet little moments we've already gotten to have as a family of 3 (well 4 including Copper, who is still recovering from feeling a little replaced haha).
Everyone told me to enjoy the journey and take in every moment because it goes by so fast, so that's what I've tried to do. After living a very busy and fast paced life the last ... 26 years haha... I try to not let myself feel guilty about sitting and doing nothing but hold him & snuggle him. I'm trying to let the moments pass slow, because they were right- he has grown and changed SO fast already! But as crazy as the adjustment has been, we have enjoyed it every step of the way and couldn't love our sweet little Coleman more!

The long, very detailed version: 

July 9, 2017- Trent's birthday!

It was Trent's birthday, 3 days before my due date. Trent and I had gone to church, came home and ate, and then took a nap. At 3:45pm I woke up to some fluid leaking out, but I wasn't sure if it was my water breaking or not cause it wasn't a gush and wasn't a lot of fluid. I waited about 20 min, laid back down, went to the bathroom, tried bounced on my ball to see if I could make it "pop" or break a little more, but it just slowly kept trickling. Of course I'm googling everything to see if this is the real thing, and decided that I think it was! The whole time I knew Trent was going to freak out when I went into labor- like go into a panicked rush haha. So I didn't wake him up this whole time cause I didn't want to give him a false alarm and make him panic for nothing! But I decided this was the real thing maybe, so I went and woke him up and said "I don't mean to alarm you, but I think my water broke!" I think I did alarm him, haha!, but he did great. We were both kind of skeptical so he said I should call the nurses at the hospital. She said yes to come in! The hospital we chose was about 45 minutes away, so I told trent I felt bad if we went there & it ended up being nothing! But he said we should go in and if it wasn't then we would go hang out at La Jolla for the day or something. We grabbed all our last minute things and went on our way! We left at about 4:45pm. 
We took this after church just a couple hours before my water broke
My mom had babies really fast, and so did her mom, so my whole pregnancy I was nervous I would have him really fast, and just hoped we would be able to get to the hospital in time, and hoped I wouldn't have to do it without an epidural! So we thought for sure we were going to have a baby on Trent's birthday! It was funny because it was the one day I didn't want him to come! I just wanted them to each have their own days, and thought it would be cool if he came on the 1st, or the 4th of July, or 7/7/17, or 7/11, but not the 9th! Of course :) The fluid continued to trickle more and more on our way there and I was pretty sure this was it!

I got admitted to the hospital, they did a urine sample, and they told us it was positive that my water that broke! I got hooked up to all the monitors, and the nurse said I was having contractions! At this point I didn't feel a thing, I was so shocked she said that! My stomach did feel tight, but not any more than normal! And I was still dilated to a 3 (I had been at a 3 two days before at my last appointment). I got moved to my labor and delivery room, and met our nurse DeJon- she was really nice and young. At about 7:30pm she started my IV (ew I hated that IV! I don't mind needles at all but it was right on the top of my wrist so any time I bent my hand it was like the needle was getting pushed in my arm! Not the greatest spot for when you're in labor and trying to hold a new baby!)
Clearly not feeling my contractions :)
This is the one thing I would tell people when they go into labor: EAT!!!! Before you go to the hospital! We didn't eat before we came so we were STARVING! And once you're there in labor, they only let you have clear foods so I asked for a popsicle and some jello. She checked me and said I was at a 4-4.5. She said in order to try and get me into active labor where I was starting to feel my contractions, they were going to let my body try and do it naturally before we tried anything else. So they had me walk for 40 minutes up and down the halls with my little IV cart, and then I could rest in bed with the monitors on for 20 min. Walk for 40, rest for 20.
I met the doctor on duty, and he said if I deliver before 7am he'll be the once catching him! I thought well of course it will be you, it's not gonna take THAT long!!

At 11:30 trent and I got so tired, so so sleepy!! I couldn't believe I had such a long night ahead of me and especially with no food! I told trent and my nurse I feel like I'm never gonna get to sleep again! (And I was right haha). I walked probably 2 miles in those darn halls! All trying to get my contractions to be stronger, but I STILL was not feeling a single thing! It was kind of nice to walk up and down the halls by myself, it was quiet and peaceful! I thought about the angels that were there to be with my baby, and thought a lot about my dad. He was probably nearby watching over his first grandkid make a safe arrival. At one point the nurse checked me and I still hadn't dilated any more, so she said they would probably start me on pitocin if I hadn't changed anymore, but I was soo tired and I asked if I could just take a power nap and then walk some more and then get checked. So I did that, except of course now I couldn't sleep when I had the chance. I walked one more time, got checked, no changes! 

She started me on pitocin at 3:30am and then I finally got to rest a little! Off and on until about 6:30am, so that was nice. She kept upping the dose every once in a while. Then I finally started feeling some kind of painful contractions! I felt like my belly was so tight and hurting for like 15 min straight! I asked the nurse and she said it felt normal, then it went away for a while, and felt a couple more somewhat painful ones, and then they went away! We had already been there for over 12 hours, and still not even close to having this baby! Our new nurse Becky came on shift and she was really good and nice, she's been a nurse there for 27 years. We also met my new doctor, (yes they switched shifts and I was so surprised that I was meeting a new doctor and hadn't had a baby yet!) She checked me and said i was still at a 3-4. What the heck is taking so long?! A long labor is so not what I expected!

Becky had to go to a delivery so Tonya became my new nurse and we liked her! And my mother in law made it!! She booked her flight the moment we told her my water broke, and the next flight didn't get in till 9:30am that next morning, and I thought for sure the baby would have been born before she got there, but she got to be with us before I even went into active labor! She was so happy to be there and had been soo anxious to get here!! It was cute to see her so excited. And my mom, stepdad, and sisters started driving too! 
The nurse kept upping my dose of pitocin because I still wasn't feeling anything. She kept saying her goal was to get me to be uncomfortable cause that means things are progressing, but she kept saying it and we thought it was kinda weird haha. My whole pregnancy my midwives had known his head was down but told me they thought that his body was turned so that he was face up (the perfect kicking position!) When the doctor came in and checked me and felt, said she thought he still was face up. So the nurse had me keep doing different positions to try and get the baby face down as I went into active labor. First she had me lean my chest over an exercise ball on my chest and let my tummy sag, for 30 min. Then she had me stand next to the bed and lean on the bed letting my tummy sag for another 30 min (all while downing some jello and ice cream cause I was SO hungry!!) She said she was putting me at the highest dose of pitocin and if that didn't work she would have to ask the dr for permission to go higher! Then she had me lay on the bed on my side and put the peanut ball between my legs, and had trent roll the top of my hip around in circles for 30 min. Then to the other side. 

And then FINALLY, in the middle of that, at about 3pm My contractions got super painful all of a sudden, so the doctor checked me and I was at a 5 or 6. Yay! I probably only had 7 or 8 painful contractions (which yes they are painful! Holy cow!) and then the doctor was like okay do you want your epidural now? I was so surprised that I could already have it, I had only been in pain for a few minutes! But they really were painful, and I'm all about the epidural, so I said yes PLEASE!! So the anesthesiologist came right in and did such a good job!!!! He seriously was awesome. I barely felt anything, and he kept us distracted by asking about our wedding and what kind of music we played at the reception, I said probably country, so he got his phone out and put country music on! He was so sweet. He had been doing this for 30 years. Then I instantly felt great again! And PS, for anyone reading this that hasn't had a baby, the epidural is NOT a big deal, like at all. It was the tiniest pinch and the rest you can't feel. Seriously way easier than everyone makes it out to be, in my opinion.

Then it was time to just keep progressing and let myself keep dilating. Trent, lauri jo, and I just kind of hung out for probably about an hour. I pushed the button 2 more times because the nurse said it's better to slowly get more instead of be in pain and have to play catch up, and I figured if I'm gonna get an epidural, I may as well be out of pain. But I started feeling so much pressure in my lower back that wasn't going away, so I told my nurse and asked if that's normal or if I should push the button again? She said she better check me, so she did and looked up and said you're complete! You're at a 10! So it was time to push! Lauri jo and I had been talking and I asked her like now that I'm out of pain, what's the big deal about pushing if you don't feel any pain? My mom said she always only had to push a few times, for just a few minutes, so I thought it was all downhill from here! (So wrong haha) One of us talked about how the doctor had said something about she estimated for a first baby I would be pushing for an hour or two. Lauri jo was like I've never heard of anyone having to push for two hours, that's crazy. I'm sure he'll come right out. So she left the room and went into the waiting room and trent, the nurse, and I started pushing. I thought for sure it would be just a few minutes till we had him and she got to come back in! (So wrong haha). 
Me and my magic button haha
First I pushed on my back with my legs up, did that for 30 min and nothing really happened, so she had me go to my left side and push like that for 30 min, still nothing, then same on the right side for 30 min, still nothing, then back to the middle. At one point I was pushing so hard and my body had probably just had enough that out of nowhere I was like I feel like I'm gonna throw up, turned to my side, and threw up all over the blanket I had by me. It really was so exhausting and I could see myself down there in the mirror, and it didn't look like anything had changed. 

Then the best thing of the day so far happened- the nurses switched. The night before when I was walking the halls forever, a nurse stopped me and said do I know you from somewhere? She kind of did seem familiar but I didn't know. I asked if she went to the dentist I work for and she said no, so I was like I don't know! Now I think she was one of those people that I was friends with in heaven because it just seemed like we knew each other. So you can imagine my relief when she walked in the room and Tonya said this was my new nurse! Her name was Lana and she was from Ukraine. She is an absolute angel and saved me that day. After two hours of pushing, not eating for over 24 hours, and only getting maybe one or two hours of sleep, I was totally spent. I just felt like I wasn't getting anywhere and pushing wasn't helping, like I had done so much pushing for TWO HOURS already and didn't make any progress. 

I asked her what my options are, like if I was doing something and if pushing was going to keep helping? She told me that they would let me push for a total of 4 hours, and then if we got to that point then we could talk about options (c-section). I broke down and started crying and told her and trent "I am. So. Tired!!!" There was NO way I was gonna push for two more hours. I couldn't physically or emotionally or mentally handle it. The one and only thing I could think of to help was ask Trent for a blessing before we started again. He asked Lana if it was okay if we said a prayer together, and she said of course! He was like okay do you mind leaving the room or do you wanna stay in here with us or...? And she was happily like I'll stay in here!! So trent stood on one side of the bed and put his hands on my head and she stood on the other side of the bed and held my hand. She was seriously the sweetest. After that blessing she said that was such a beautiful prayer and asked trent if he was a priest, and he was like kind of, I'm called an Elder in my church. After that blessing I felt a completely renewed motivation and strength to keep pushing. She asked if I was ready to keep trying and I said yes. 

From that point on, with every single push and every contraction she would say something encouraging, like "you're doing so great," "that was a good one, good job!" "You're definitely helping, he's getting closer!" With every push, her and trent would both count to 10 and would both push with me. She said I was lucky because after all that pushing I got to keep a baby, she just got hemorrhoids! Haha she was so cute. In between contractions she just sat on my bedside and talked to us. She told us about her kids, about her vacation plans she had coming up, and anything else she could think of to distract us, which worked. I always thought it would be such an intense medical scene when pushing a baby out, but it was so chill. Just the three of us in that room, having casual conversations in between contractions and pushing. She would take her finger with almost every push and help stretch me out and feel where his head was (sorry TMI). I also threw up again from so much pushing with my stomach, and she was so sweet to help clean me up and give me water to swish with, and said that it happens all the time (probably doesn't haha). 

At one point when I was pushing she finally said "he has a lot of hair!!!" and that gave me a huge boost of strength that he was really almost here!! I could even see his head and hair in the mirror and that was all I needed to help me push a little better and know that we really were getting somewhere! With every contraction, I had pushed and pushed, for ANOTHER two hours. His head had sloooooowwwwly gotten closer. As Lana felt his head, she said he felt like a small baby. 

When we finally hit four hours, she said she was going to call the doctor to come in and go over our options and said that she would probably say we could try using the vacuum- a little suction device that they could put on his head to help pull him out as I pushed. There's no harm in using it, he would just have a little bruise on his head for a couple days. In no time, people started coming in and setting up, turned on the lights, got all their instruments & carts, and the doctor was in! Her name was Dr Meshkat, and we hadn't even met her before. She told us about the vacuum option, and I said yes of course! Anything to help get him out! 

They had the NICU team in there in case anything went wrong, so there were probably 7-8 other people in the room with us. It got really intense really quick! She got all gloved up, and we were ready to go! She felt his head and said he felt like a small baby. Same thing Lana said! With the next contraction, she had the suction thing on his head ready to go and I started pushing! In just one contraction, it was like slow motion. They had taken away the mirror to make room and I couldn't really see down there, so I couldn't really tell exactly what was happening, so I was just watching her pull on him, and I remember she was pulling so hard on him and trent was saying "PUSH BABE PUSH!!!!!" It was probably only 5-10 seconds but seemed like forever that I was pushing my hardest just waiting for her to set him on me! Finally someone in the room was like "he's here!" so I stopped pushing but I guess only his head was out! She grabbed his head and pulled the rest of him out and set him on me! Trent went from saying PUSH BABE to OHHH MY GOSH, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! 

It's hard to describe the emotions that happened in that moment, but it was SO relieving to finally have him out, and so surreal to see a real (BIG!) baby on me, that's mine! And yes, he was big, it was mind blowing! I felt like he was half the size of me! And his head was sooo cone shaped from being in the birth canal for 4 hours! It was all just so amazing and overwhelming and the craziest thing I've ever experienced, I couldn't help but just bust out in tears and hold him tight while they started cleaning him off! Right away I remember holding his sweet little hand and seeing his little fingers wrap around my finger (hey, maybe that's where that phrase came from haha) and hearing his little cry & seeing his sweet face for the first time!! It is just the most surreal moment ever. I just couldn't believe there was a real baby on me that just came out of me, and he's mine! Haha. 
One of my favorite pictures ever
Maybe my most favorite picture ever
Okay maybe this one is my favorite picture ever :) melt my heart!!!
He was born at 9:27pm, almost 30 hours after my water broke! And I wasn't the only one that was surprised at how big he was - everyone in that room was!! That's why trent kept saying oh my gosh, because like me, he could just NOT believe how big he was! The Dr was like "I bet he's almost 9 lbs!!!" And Lana was like "WHERE were you hiding him?!?!" One of the girls on the NICU team said "I hope you didn't buy newborn clothes!" (Totally did haha, and they did fit thank goodness) and another girl told me "I did not think they were gonna get him out of there!!" It was just a fun moment sharing that with everyone in the room, and I felt a little bit justified for why it took so darn long to get him out- he was just so big for me! I would have felt more like a wimp if he was a small baby like they said he was! Haha. That and he was face up too, which made it harder. He did kind of turn on his way out though, so he came out kind of sideways I think. A big baby is so not what I expected (seems like that was the name of the game for me, expect the unexpected! Haha)
8 lbs 11.3 oz!
While I was holding him and enjoying the moment with Trent, I was so distracted by him that all of a sudden I felt the WEIRDEST sensation I have ever felt in my life, I can't even describe it but the Dr was delivering the placenta and had her whole hand up me (sorry TMI!) She kept doing that to make sure she got every piece of it out and it seriously is the weirdest feeling I've ever felt. I looked down at her and was like what on earth is going on down there?!? Haha. Anyways, she got me all stitched up in no time, shook our hands and congratulated us, and was on her way to another delivery! The hospital we delivered at is Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns, and they deliver more babies than any hospital in California (so probably the whole country haha) and they were so busy that night, Lana said they had to call in ALL their nurses to come in and there were 8 babies delivered in the same hour as Coleman!! So crazy.
Cutest daddy
But I am so glad we went to that hospital, it is so nice & I was so impressed with every doctor. And Trent & I seriously can't get over how amazing Lana was. She MADE the experience just amazing and went the extra mile above and beyond to be my angel that night. It seriously makes me tear up thinking about how much it meant to me to have her with us, she was just absolutely incredible. I still need to send her a thank you note & tell her this! (If she's even a real human, she really may have just been an angel sent from heaven just for me that night haha). But I've since learned from several doctors that I was so lucky I didn't have a c section! I was very close to that point, and I'm really convinced that it was Lana that saved me from having to do that. I just love her & want to find her & be her friend forever. After we got sent to the postpartum floor, I gave her a couple hugs and was so sad to leave her! Trent stayed behind for a second with her to grab all our bags and stuff, and she ended up asking about our church. He told her we are Mormon. I want to send her a Book of Mormon! She was just the sweetest. Trent and I just can't believe that those nurses do that every day. What a crazy day it was for us, and they do it every day!! I seriously can't believe it. They are true saints.
I loved her!!!
The 4 of us went through the craziest experience ever together!
And while I'm raving about our awesome nurse, I can't leave out how amazing Trent was. He always joked that he wouldn't want to watch our baby be born (just stay up by my head- haha I would say the same thing!) but he was SO sweet and so helpful and so supportive. One of our songs is "I thought I loved you then" by Brad Paisley, and it is still so true every step of the way- I thought I loved him when we were first dating (I did), but then it grew to be even stronger when we were engaged, and more when we were married. And more and more every day, and more when I was pregnant, it just seemed like I couldn't love him more. And now that we have gone through all this together, it's crazy to think I thought I loved him as much as I could way back then. It just keeps getting stronger & it's hard to believe I could love him more than I do now. Through the whole 4 hours of pushing, he counted to 10 every push I did, he pushed with me, he held my legs, he held his breath with me, he held my hand, and was so involved every step of the way. And now that we've been parents together for a while, it makes me tear up to think about how good of a husband and dad he is. I just LOVE HIM to pieces.
Love this picture so much
Anyways.... after Coleman was delivered, they had him & I do skin to skin for an hour. It was so special! Trent's mom got to come back in and see him- I'm so glad she was there! She loved it. Then they put him under the warm lights and it was so funny, he loved it!! He was naked but just sprawled out all relaxed on the table and didn't even make a peep. He loved the warm! Then they weighed him & this was the true test, to see how big he really was! 8 lbs 11 oz! We were all so astounded haha. He passed every test they did just fine & didn't have a single concern! He was a big, healthy boy! Oh and one of the best parts was when they brought me in food! They must know the poor moms are starving- it had been a day and a half since I had eaten (besides a couple little things of Jello & sorbet), and man, that food tasted so good!!
It was so sweet to have our little man finally there with us and be a little family together! They never took him out of our room at all the whole time we were in the hospital, and I liked that. After the longest, hardest day ever, it was late and we had gotten up to our postpartum room, and were finally together just the 3 of us without any distractions. We were getting ready to finally be able to go to sleep, and Trent & I held Coleman and played him a song. Trent had found this song when I was pregnant and played it for our little guy while he was in the womb. It's called Ashlyn's Song by Peter Hollands. It's about a dad first meeting his little son when he's born, and it's the sweetest little song. We sat there together that quiet night in the hospital with our brand new little baby that was only a couple hours old, and played him this song. At one point in the song it says "it's been the longest day, and one I won't forget" and I will never forget as long as I live our little Coleman smiled at us SO big right then. It was literally the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
And for those of you wondering about his name... we liked the name Tanner my whole pregnancy. This was really the only name we had both really liked. We told people it wasn't set in stone, but it would probably be Tanner. My cute grandpa would always text me and ask how me and Tanner were doing, up until the day I gave birth! Haha but I did always like the name Cole, and I remember having a patient back when I was working for Dr Packer in Provo that was named Coleman, and he was such a cute, well behaved kid. I loved that name! But I kind of forgot about it! Then in February I was working, and started working with a doctor named Coleman. We were talking about names and I told him I was actually pregnant with a boy and liked that name! And how cute is Coleman Crane?! I told trent about it and he didn't really like it at first, he said he didn't really like the name Cole and didn't want people to call him Cole. So I thought that was that, and mentioned it a few more times the next few months, but we mostly stuck with Tanner. But as it came closer, we talked about the name Coleman more, and I could tell that Trent was warming up to it, and then he really liked it. But even going into the hospital and at the hospital, we still didn't know which name we were going to choose. The day after he was born, we said we better decide on his name! I could tell Trent liked the name Coleman for him better, and I loved it too! We decided he looked more like a Coleman, so Coleman Trenton Crane it is :) surprise! Haha.
He is such a sweet little guy. Sometimes we just sit and stare at him. We love all the little faces he makes and every little sound he makes. You can't help but know he's a sweet innocent little angel. Parenthood has turned our world around, but in a good way. It's shocking home time consuming it is! It's a full time job for two people for the first little while! It's definitely an adjustment, but we wouldn't change it for the world. We love our little man, and have loved watching him grow every day! Him and trent already have the cutest little bond. Trent just adores him & is so happy to have him!! He's excited he has a little hunting buddy in the making :) And he's SO good with him. I feel like my patience level has never been something to write home about, and I can get frustrated easily. Watching trent be a dad has taught me so much already, his patience and love is an example to me every day. He makes me want to be better all the time. The good thing is Coleman doesn't require a whole lot of patience, he's a good baby and really only cries when he's hungry! Or has gas :)
Trent put this necklace on me after I had him - to "award" me my new favorite title: mama :)
Everyone told me to enjoy the journey and take in every moment because it goes by so fast, so that's what I've tried to do. After living a very busy and fast paced life the last ... 26 years haha... I try to not let myself feel guilty about sitting and doing nothing but hold him & snuggle him. I'm trying to let the moments pass slow, because they were right- he has grown and changed SO fast already! But as crazy as the adjustment has been, we have enjoyed it every step of the way and couldn't love our sweet little Coleman more!
I took this picture when he was just 1 day old - love to all!!!

November 23, 2013

New Etsy Shop!

So I made a bunch of these cute little missionary quotes for my little brother Jeremy on a mission in France for a Christmas thing I'm doing - don't tell! ;) -  and I decided since I went through all the effort of making them I would put them on Etsy so other people can have them too! So here's the link if you care to see! Some of these quotes aren't as popular, but are so good! I loved finding a bunch of good quotes :) 
Here are some of them... if you click on the pic it should take you right to that one.

Thanks for looking! :)

September 6, 2013

Summer Trip 2013

WARNING: Many beautiful pictures are below. I am not responsible if it sends you into a depression wondering why you don't live in Belize :)  
You've been warned...

Trent and I had 2 weeks after I graduated BYU & before we started school again (update on all that boring stuff later, maybe, let's get to the good stuff!) So we went to Florida and on a cruise and it was AMAZING. I look at these pictures and wonder why I ever came home. I'm also amazed that we took all these pics and that we actually witnessed all of it firsthand. Like we were there. It was so fun. Best trip ever. Miss it already.

My awesome grandparents gave us a week stay at a Marriott Vacation Club resort for our wedding that we still hadn't used, so we chose Orlando! And we love our cruises so we thought it would be convenient to go on a nice little cruise after. 

This was our villa - it was so nice and so amazing!
And out our back patio... 
After dinner one night w/ our heart balloon :)
First we went to Sea World
Trent got to see Shamu for the first time!
I thank my lucky stars this is as close as we got to a shark this trip - we were nervous about that one after watching shark week the week before!! 
Then we went to....
and fed some alligators
This picture cracks me up! Tell me it doesn't look like the alligator is dying laughing at the other alligators joke...
On the topic- i just love alligators! I think it is SO funny that it looks like they're smiling!!
What can I say - i love smiles :) 
This alligator definitely needs his teeth cleaned though. You think he'd let me? 
I couldn't help but wonder what would happen to us if there was an earthquake while we were standing on this wooden bridge over 130 hungry alligators... yikes...
 This was us on a big tower above the 130 alligators: "let's hurry and take a picture of us" (as the wind is blowing and we hear the wood creaking) "okay yep let's get off now!"
However... If we did end up with the alligators, I think we'd be able to wrestle them... right?
Yep! My little animal lover is so cute. o. m. g. 
I think these animals are a little nicer and might not eat us as quickly if they had the chance...
 Yes those are real. I had to ask like 3 times "are you sure those are real??"
And Trent fed an emu (apparently it's said like eem-you, not ee-moo FYI)
All over the park there were signs that said things like "If you fall in, the alligators WILL eat you!" They don't allow you to put your kids on your shoulders or sit on the railings or anything. Scary!
Wow this picture is huge. haha. These snapshots are courtesy of my lovely iphone photography skills. Not too shabby right? Scary though!

On the topic of getting eaten by alligators... 
Trent and I went on this cute little nature walk. When we got OFF the trail we saw this lovely sign...
There were also signs by all the ponds in our resort area that said...
Okay thats enough about alligators.
Now on to frogs... 
There are TONS in Florida! And even more lizards! They are ALL over the sidewalk. I even accidentally stepped on one... and killed it... I felt so bad! 
Trent took these pics w/ his iphone & my iphone macro lens :)
i love that one - so cute huh!
We found a church to go to on Sunday - took us forever to finally find it but we made it!
We also played tennis one night - it was so fun. And holy humid!! Orlando is seriously the most humid place i've ever been - way more than hawaii! I'm sad for my skin now - it's back in the desert. But it was so fun being in the humidity, and playing tennis w/ my hubby. Needless to say, he kicked my butt. I need a lot more practice. A lot. 
Would you just look at this tub? I need it. 
And i even thought of a floating popcorn dish :)
Our cruise left from Miami, so we had a little road trip!
 One good thing about Utah... No tolls!!! We hate toll booths now!! The guy in one of them told us it costs Florida residents about $3500/year just to drive on the freeway! Kinda takes the FREE out of FREEway!!! 
 Then we went on our cruise! We LOVE cruises! If you've never been on one, you need to go. They are the best. On any other vacation, by the time you pay for all your meals, all your entertainment, hotel, transportation and everything, it is such a good value to just go on a cruise instead! Because all that is included! And you wake up in a different place every day! And the food is amazing, the people are so fun, the shows are fun, there are always fun things going on, and it's just f.u.n. So go on a cruise. 
our first stop was Cozumel, Mexico.
We took a tour of the island, toured a tequila factory (don't worry, they were more than happy to drink our tequila for us...), and snorkeled! oh and Trent saw a Barracuda! He came to me and said "Barracuda" and i was outta there! 
so glad he speaks spanish!!
Trent likes this pic so i kept it.. just look at the scenery haha.
These two little lovebirds!
And these two little lovebirds :)
beautiful sunsets on the boat!
the next day we woke up in Belize!
ahhh... belize....
This is my happy place. Here & Lake Powell.
we were in pure heaven the whole day.
Our heaven will be in belize I think :)
We took this tour with 2 other couples (one from france and one from canada!) to the barrier reef. I hear it's the largest living barrier reef in the world! It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Best snorkeling ever!
Trent took his GoPro - which was the best thing to have!! I'm SO glad we captured so much on it! The only thing is most the footage we got was videos, so i'm gonna talk him into making a cool video of everything we saw! But we held a starfish, we saw stingrays, saw a lobster, tons of cool coral, and hundreds of the coolest fish! Stay tuned for an awesome video...
Our tour guides were so cool! They let us sit on the bow of the boat, and it was like one of the coolest moments ever - just gliding along the perfectly blue water. ahhh
Then they took us to Bannister Island.
That is one of my favorite pictures of the trip! You can't really see but there's colorful kayaks under the little hut - so picturesque!
Trent and I want to own Bannister Island someday. 
It was SO incredible. 
By the time we got there, everyone else's tours had ended, so we got the island ALL to ourselves!! It was SO cool.
This is Trent's favorite picture of the trip- so perfect. 
This cute little family lives on the island. I repeat - they LIVE on Bannister Island. 
The dad was so cute and helpful - him and his wife blew up inflatable tubes for my cute little french friend and i to sit on in the water. 
And their kids were so cute. 
While on the topic - i have NEVER seen so many beautiful black babies in my life as i did these two weeks. I was drooling over every one. Every single black baby we saw was like model status. I need one. And yes, I definitely take after my mom.
You can see Trent swimming in the background, just hanging out with a starfish.
Anyways... this was Trent relaxing on his chair by his little tiki hut. Also another favorite pic.
Don't ask how I left this place - i thought they were gonna have to drag me away!
We also went kayaking off the island.
Love our GoPro! And look at that water!
Perfect in every way. 
Look how smooth the water is! I couldn't believe this was the ocean!
You just can't beat Belize. We had the time of our lives.
If you go here, snorkel the barrier reef and then go to bannister island!
Oh and take us with you!
But the fun didn't stop there! The next day we woke up in Roatan! It's a small island off the coast of Honduras- and Trent has wanted to come here for a long time, so he finally got to.
 We snorkeled here the whole time. And this place got the best snorkeling award! Ever! The water was crystal clear and SO beautiful. oh my gosh. it was like swimming in a huge aquarium.
i love this pic! i love all of them i guess!
 he is my favorite fish :) 
 but this lil fella is my 2nd favorite fish - we saw a ton of these and they were SO cool!! 
 this was one of my favorite moments of the trip - there was this huge school of these purple tangs. We swam RIGHT along with them! Like literally right with them! They didn't even seem to notice us or care - it was so cool.
 you can't really see it, but some of that big school of purple tangs is right by trent to the right. 
 These guys were big fish! They also let us swim right along with them - you can see me in the background - that's not a fish :)
We. Loved. Roatan. 
If you ever go here, go to West Bay Beach/Tabyana Beach. The snorkeling is RIGHT off the shore. the fish swim right up to the shore and the coral is all right there!
 Apparently they have "Islands Gym" there - haha! Had to include that cause i thought it was so funny they copied golds gym :)
Here's our boat: the Carnival Liberty

Crazy story: At midnight that night, we could tell something was going on with the boat so we went up to the top and realized they had completely stopped the ship. We went over to look off the side, and there was this TINY raft with a bunch of people on it waving flashlights! Mind you - we had been sailing in the ocean on a huge boat for 9 hours - we were in the middle of the ocean with nothing around us. They told us in the morning that there had been 8 people on the raft heading to Honduras, but they had run out of food and water so they flagged us down. But they didn't want to come on board! We're pretty sure they were Cubans escaping to Honduras. But seriously- their little raft wasn't even a boat. it didn't even have a motor. You can barely see cuba in the top right of that map, and that's how far they had ROWED. It was crazy. And it was PITCH black outside - like you couldn't even see the horizon - it was just all black. no stars, no moon, no light. I can't even imagine being out there in the middle of nowhere in the ocean in the pitch dark, and we had gone through some storms too. Honduras is so poor and that's what they were going through to escape to there- So sad what people do to escape their bad situations! We are so lucky.
The next morning we woke up in Grand Cayman!
It was so fun, but so rainy! It poured almost all day!
We went on a little tour to go out to Stingray City!! It looks like Trent was the driver, but
they drive on the opposite side of the road! It's so crazy to see that!
 If you haven't been, Stingray City is about a 20 minute boat ride out to the middle of the ocean! But it's a sandbar, so you can stand up - it's crazy. but the even more crazy part is that there are stingrays everywhere! And they're nice! They'll swim right up to you and let you touch them.  
I think these are the coolest pictures!
Trent found a big shell :)
 Trent gasping for breath after swimming under water with them - he calls it beast mode haha
If you ever go to Grand Cayman, go to Stingray City! It was so cool! The tour guides let you hold a stingray
This looks like a new parent picture to me. We're holding our new baby! haha
They say kissing a stingray brings 7 years of good luck!
 I like kissing him better :) while getting a back massage is even better!
 Then they took us snorkeling by some reef!
 Trent likes to hang out at the bottom of the ocean :)
 The rain held off the whole time for us, until we were snorkeling. then it started lightning and thundering. needless to say- it was a long, cold, rainy, boat ride back in the rain!
But we got all dried off, finally, for elegant night on the cruise!
Little plug here for Carnival's chocolate melting cake. 
It is another piece of heaven on earth.
This cruise was the best! We'd do it again in a heartbeat! Any takers?! :)
Trent took these pictures when we are about to get off the boat in Miami - it was earlyyy!
 and we hung out in the Miami airport for ten hours. We went to the only place that had our first BYU game on - the budweiser bar! haha Trent: "uh do you have sodas here too?"
and trent taught me how to play blackjack! We had fun watching people gamble in the casino on the cruise. We're glad we weren't the ones losing all the money! :)
2 weeks all day everyday with my best friend wasn't so bad! It was a good vacation before we start school and get all stressed out and never see each other anymore. And we're not sick of each other AT all & still want to be together every second :) 
My favorite thing: traveling with my favorite person in the world! :) 
Luckily we have we have lots more traveling to do - so many other places to go, people to see, and things to do! 
Here's to fun trips!